The Tyler Clementi Institute for CyberSafety
is a full service initiative
that includes the first-of-its-kind law school clinic
providing free counsel to victims of cyberharassment.


We are working to stop cyberharassment before it starts, help victims obtain justice,
and raise public awareness about the epidemic of harassment online.


Cyberharassment clinic

Our clinic, directed by Andrew Sta. Ana, Director of Litigation at DayOne, and staffed by outstanding students at New York Law School, provide the full range of client counseling and support to cyberharassment victims.

victim support

The Institute publishes regular "How To" guides to help cyberharassment victims take back control of their online experiences.

public education

The Institute hosts conferences, symposia, and lectures to raise awareness about the epidemic of cyberharassment. Institute faculty also conduct social science research and publish in leading academic and popular journals.

The Institute for CyberSafety
is a full service initiative that
seeks to eradicate cyberharassment one client at a time.


The main goals of the Institute are as follows:

1.  Eradicate cyberharassment of through direct outreach, pro bono legal services, education, and coalition building

2.  Train socially conscious attorneys, with expertise in internet and digital technologies and applicable law, to use their knowledge and experience to support victims of online harassment

3.  Raise awareness about and help stop cyber-harassment by building coalitions among key stakeholders, including those in government, industry, and education

4.  Propose the adoption of cutting edge and innovative solutions, program ideas, laws and safety tools to curtail and ultimately eradicate cyber-harassment

5.  Support vanguard social science research, adding value and filling gaps in our understanding of and responses to cyber-harassment